Hours: Wed. & Sat.

700 Tin Can Alley
Gabriola, BC
Tel: 250-247-9257

How to get here

Please note:

  • Preferably no drop-offs after 3 pm when depot is open and never when it is closed.
  • Bring only items that are clean, dry, and in good repair and working order.
  • We do not take some items (see list under Recycle).
  • To ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and members of the public, GIRO will be closed during power outages.

Providing Green Solutions for over 25 Years

Gabriola Island Recycling Organization (GIRO) is a community based, non-profit society that has worked for more than 20 years to provide island residents with tools for building a sustainable and waste-free environment.

Our recycling depot provides a popular resale store in addition to a waste materials recycling facility.

All of our services are designed to support a greener, more environmentally responsible community. We continually strive to improve and expand our services and facility to meet the changing recycling needs of the Gabriola and Mudge Island communities.

Thank You to
Our Volunteers!

The success of GIRO depends on our great volunteers. Without them we wouldn’t be able to offer islanders an opportunity to contribute to a greener, healthier and more environmentally friendly island community through modern waste management practices.

Volunteers make the world a better place for all of us! To find out how you can volunteer at GIRO, check out our Participate section.

Upcoming GIRO AGM

GIRO's Annual General Meeting will be held on:

Wednesday, May 11 - 7 pm
Community Hall - Bsmt

Elections for the 2016 GIRO Board will take place

What's Involved In Serving As A GIRO Board Member?

Acceptance of overall responsibility for the work of GIRO

Interest and abilities in one or more of these area Willingness to give approximately ten hours per month AND...YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THE GABRIOLA COMMUNITY!

If you are interested in being considered by the Nominations Committee, or suggesting someone else, please email: giroSecretary@gmail.com by Friday, April 8, 2016.

Metal Recyling

GIRO provides a metal bin service for non ferrous metals. This thirty foot bin accepts large and small appliances as well as a variety of scrap metals.

For the last twenty years scrap steel has held its price on the open market, at approximately $50 per metric ton. However due to the global economy and massive industrialization of China prices have plummeted and we are now paying to have our metal bin removed. We would like to continue offering this valuable service to islanders but we will need to cover these new costs.

The new drop off fee for large appliances is $15. We would also like a small donation to be made if dropping off any other steel items.

Please speak to the Recycling staff if you have any questions.


GIRO collage

Mission Statement

The Gabriola Island Recycling Organization endeavors to create an island community that understands the importance of caring for the land which nurtures us.

Our mission is to actively encourage, enable and educate by providing a place for islanders to recycle and hence reduce our environmental footprint.

Michelle MacEwen- General Manager
Michelle MacEwen
General Manager

Dean, Ziggy & truck
Dean Clark
Manager, Recycling Depot

Janice Ursaliak- Manager, ReStore
Janice Ursaliak
Manager, ReStore

Business Recycling

Do you own a business on Gabriola? Contact Dean Clark, GIRO Recycling Manager, at girodepot@gmail.com or 250-247-9257 to arrange convenient, customized pick-up of recyclable and reusable materials.

GIRO 700 Tin Can Alley Gabriola BC V0R 1X3 Tel: 250-247-9257 girodepot@gmail.com
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