Participants Say...

“It's the best way to keep stuff out of the landfill, which is very important.”

“I believe in volunteering – done it all my life – and I make lots of friends here.”

“We always came to GIRO during our annual holiday. Once we moved here, I could see that it was a great place to meet people and get involved in the community.”

“I feel I can make a difference to the environment when I help out at GIRO.”

“It's fun and it connects me to the community.”

“I like the whole process of putting the clothes out and making the place presentable.”

“I feel that this is the best way to save the earth.”



We invite you to join us as a GIRO member. Through your membership you will be supporting one of the island’s longest running non-profit organisations, whose mandate is to educate Gabriolans about reducing, reusing and recycling consumer waste and to advocate for responsible consumer and waste management practices.

As a member in good standing you will be notified of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as well as any special meetings. You will receive annual financial reports and be eligible to vote in Board of Director elections. Who knows; you might even consider putting your name forward for a position on the Board!

Membership dues are only $2 per person or $3.50 per family per year. We’ll send you a reminder just before the AGM in April. Pick up a membership form at the GIRO Depot or click here to download and print the form.


The dedicated and hard working staff at the GIRO Depot could not provide such a wide range of recycling and reuse services without the help of our regular volunteers.

And we can always use more volunteers! Volunteer opportunities include working on days when the Depot is open (Wednesdays and Saturdays) or on days when it is closed to the public. You can volunteer on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis for a minimum of 3 hours up to a full day.

Being a GIRO volunteer is a great way to meet people and to help out your community by actively contributing to the preservation of our natural environment. To fill out a volunteer request form, just speak to any of the GIRO staff.

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GIRO 700 Tin Can Alley Gabriola BC V0R 1X3 Tel: 250-247-9257 girodepot@gmail.com